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We place the power of big tech in your hands by combining the power of business, web & social networking tools  technologies under one roof.

Our fully managed hosting platform comes featured packed means there’s nothing for you to install allowing you to focus on what’s important to you.

No advertising, no AI, no selling of data, no spying or no backdoor access to private information as that’s a big tech thing, not us.

Web Hosting With A Difference

Hosting Locale isn’t your average web host you find on the market as we believe in quality over quantity.

We don’t try and sell you gigabytes of space you simply won’t use and let you get on with it. Instead our fully managed hosting platform takes care of all the things you much rather not worry about.

We keep our servers local because that’s where 99% of both yours and our clients and visitors are from. Nor do we host your sites on servers in far away lands to maximize profits which are covered by different laws & regulations to New Zealand.

As we take care of all maintenance & technical side of things the more time you spend concentrating on things that matter to you. Plus, if you ever need help, our 24/7 local support service is there for you when you need it.

No ads, AI, bots, censorship, data profiteering, monitoring, snooping, trackers or back doors & backhanders, ever.

That’s a big tech thing, not us…

New Zealand Based Servers

Our servers are located in Auckland data centers and monitored 24/7.  We build our servers from the ground up and future proof them by using the lastest software to run websites.

Nothing To Install, Update Or Maintain

Rather than let our clients run old, outdated and insecure software installs we take full ownership of this so our client don’t need to.

Help & Support When You Need It

Most web hosts just sell you hosting space and let you get on with it.  At Hosting Locale we take a different approach and provide you help & support when you need it.

Website Security & Optimization

We use various levels of security on both the server level & clients websites.  We also implement various website optimizing tools to ensure you have a sleek running website.

FREE SSL Certificates, Premium Plugins & Themes

We provide FREE SSL encryption certificates and purchase annual licenses for premium plugins & themes for our clients to clients to use at no extra charge.

Customize Your Website Your Way

With so many built in features we have most of your requirements covered.

The Essentials

Online Digital Marketing

Improve your online presence with all the digital marking features you’ll need.

Google Analytics Integration

See how visitors find and use your website, so you can grow your business.

Subscriptions & Mailing Lists

Start collecting email addresses and quickly grow your mailing list.


Search Engine Optimization

Improve the appearance and positioning of web pages in organic search results.

Social Media Integration

Connects your site to all your favorite social networking sites to boost your exposure.

Business Tools

Business Management

HR, ERP, CRM & Accounting features to aid any organization.

Job Manager

Advertise and dispay positions for your business to find the right people for the job.

Project Management

Project management features for member collaboration.

Tables & Graphs

Create tables & graphs and display them on your website.

Video Conferencing

Integrate video conferencing features into your social network groups.

Additional Plugins

Bookings & Appointments

All bookings, appointment and calendar features to your social network.

Events Calendar

List and manage events through your site.

Online Courses

Create effective online courses, lessons, and quizzes.

Memberships Free/Paid

Full membership control with access permission to your content.


Sell products & services online through your choice on payment gateways.

Social Networking

Activity Streams

Stay up to date with activity streams from across your network.


Discussion Forums

Old fashion group discussion forums so no more scrolling.

Friend Connections

Allows members to connected with one another.


Create public, private or hidden groups within your social network.

Private Messaging

Allows members to communicate privately between each other.

Web Hosting Comparisons

Self, Semi & Fully Managed Hosting

Whats The Difference?

Self Managed

Ideal For Professionals

Most web hosting companies offer storage space packaged up with a number of other services.  Whilst they provide tools to set these service up yourself and install a collection of different content management systems (CMS) for you, that’s basically where the buck stops with them.  They provide zero help & support when it comes to managing the 1000’s of bespoke customer websites on their servers, that’s your responsibility not theirs.

They also sell you Gigabytes of data 99% of website owners will never use.  A typical CMS with the essential plugins and a few dozen optimized images requires 250-500Mb of storage space.  Unless you’re a blogger or running an eCommerce site, only then do you need more space.

Technical Knowledge Required

Semi Managed

Ideal For Intermediates

Web agencies & developers offer web hosting services to their clients and often take responsibility over the management of the content website.  They either use their own servers or they simply rent storage space from one of the self managed hosting providers.   They’re usually responsible for all CMS, plugin and theme updates and paying the license fee’s for premium plugins and themes.

These companies usually charge a premium as each contract arrangement with their clients can be different.  Whilst help & support is provided by the agency or developer since they built the websites for their clients and know everything about it, whether they provide anything above this will differ from agency and developer.

Technical Knowledge Required

Fully Managed

ls For Beginners

There’s nothing for you to install, update or maintain as this is all managed for you.  Their hosting plans often differ based on storage space requirements and the features you want to use. i.e you pay more if you want more than a basic website and wish to run a eCommerce site.  Without the need of too much technical knowledge, its usually a case of you having to learn the ins and outs of their personalized management console which differs from one provider to another.

Again, most of these providers offer Gb’s of storage space that most people will never ever get close to using and thus a moot selling point.  Locale’s fully managed hosting environment runs WordPress which is the most commonly used CMS in the world.

Technical Knowledge Required

 No Matter Your Hosting Requirements

Locale Provides Self, Semi And Fully Managed Hosting Solutions

Plans That Grow With Your Requirements

Fully Managed Hosting Plans

We just don’t offer you web hosting space and let you get on with it.  We’re here to help you get the most out of our feature rich hosting platform.  With nothing to install, update or maintain our fully managed hosting environment allows you to focus on what’s important.


All prices exclude GST

Why We Are Different

Our services are targeted towards individuals & communities requiring an alternative to Big Tech.  We don’t force ads or suggested posts. We don’t use bots and AI to track your every move.  We don’t sell your information to 3rd parties nor do we give them back door access.

We’re committed to growing communities online by offering services you’ll be hard pressed to find else where. 

NZ Based Servers

All our servers are located within data centers in New Zealand.

Website Security

Built in WordFence security plugin protects your site from hackers.

Free SSL Certificates

Free website encryption using LetsEncrpyt SSL Certificates.

Local Help & Support

New Zealand owned and operated including local help & support.

Unlimited Bandwidth

No limits to the amount of traffic your social networking site uses.

Image Optimization

Optimize, compress and convert images to speed up website.

Digital Marketing

Custom forms, mailing lists and 3rd party mailing integration.

SEO Tools

Built in Search Engine Optimization tools and features.

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